Quadrotor – Dynamical Modelling and Control

Table of Contents

Project Overview

In this project, the non-linear dynamics of a quad-rotor drone are linearized about an equilibrium point (stable hover configuration). Feedback control is then applied to achieve the desired reference trajectories. The goals of this project are to:

  1. Model and simulate the dynamics of a 6 DOF quad-rotor drone.
  2. Apply LQG control to achieve position and attitude control of the vehicle. The LQG control strategy is used with two major components: (1) Kalman Filter for state-estimation and (2) LQR controller for optimal control.

Derivation of Linearized Dynamics and Feedback Control

Please take a look at the paper I wrote about this project for details on the derivation of the linearized dynamics of the quadrotor used for feedback control. The results – showing the vehicle performing the reference trajectories – are shown in the next section.